Sunday, May 13, 2012

It begins again

It begins again this week. I bought a 1973 Luger Westwind sailboat. It is a project boat. The interior is gutted and the hull needs to be painted, but as best as I can tell, all of the rigging, sails, and hardware for sailing are there. The boat has a swing keel.

The plan is to go over the exterior in the next few weeks and get it on the water and over the winter redo the cabin.

Here is a site with some of the history of the of Luger boats

"The World's Largest Manufacturer of Kit Boats"

Luger Industries - The Largest Manufacturer of Kit Boats       
Many thousands of Luger boat kits were purchased and assembled in the company's 35-year history.  It's estimated the company sold as many as 100,000 kit boats during its reign.

cleaing out the junk

first sanding done and off the trailer

swing keel off the boat

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