Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Donovan Too

After hearing back from the previous boat owners about the story behind the name Donovan Too, we knew we couldn't change it. The story goes that there once was a little dog named Donovan who lived nearby the childhood home of the female-half of the couple who owned the boat. Her younger brother apparently noted on several occasions that he really liked the dog who was named Donovan. Because of this memory, into her adulthood and throughout their marriage, they would commonly refer to things that they liked as Donovans. The couple named their first boat Donovan, and when they sold it and got the Hunter 23, they decided it was a "Donovan Too."

I also have something that I like named Donavan. So I've begun to think of things as Donavans, as well. We really liked the story behind the name, and so Donovan Too it remains. We are grateful to the previous owners that they took the time to share the story with us, and we hope to take care of the boat as well as they did. The sailing community seems to be a friendly group so far.

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