Thursday, March 6, 2014

It's still winter but looking forward to sailing soon

Ours is the one with the gray cover stuck behind the two pontoon boats
It has been a rough winter for most everyone in the country but look like we might get above freezing  here in the coming days. I have been getting ready to start working on the boat again my list is a lot shorter this year. There are some repairs that need to be done. I need to finish redoing the rest of the woodwork. Plus I have a couple of upgrades to do. Windmill Marina is trying to clear space so I can get to the boat, it has another boat in front of it and 3' of snow. I also found a shop I can work on the boat inside and  heated, close to home. If all goes well I will start working  mid march on the boat. We should be ready to get in the water before the ice goes out. Last year was the end of April, my guess it will be into May some time. We are looking into a number of sailing trips this year and hope to have them set in the coming months.

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