Monday, November 2, 2015

50th Anniversary Fall Regatta last race of the year

The last weekend of Sept was  the 50th Anniversary Fall Regatta at the Wayzata Yacht Club. On Sat there were 2 races, and I had 2 crew with me. The winds were light and we ended up not finishing the first race because we were so far back. On the 2nd race we did finish but ended up being last. Despite that, we enjoyed the day. On Sunday I was not able to find crew and the wind was about 15 to 19 knots so it was going to be a sporty day. I decided to single hand the boat for the race. I did end up finishing last but only by 34 sec behind on the first race, and 6 sec on the 2nd race. By the end of the second race some of my tacks were getting as good as we would do with a full crew. I felt really good about that. I was dead-ass tired but was grinning from ear to ear. The next day was my knee surgery and was hoping to get back for some of the last races of the year, but in the end it was our last official of the year. It was great way to finish the racing season.

Late fall sailing on the Shackleton Cup 2015 

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