Sunday, December 16, 2012

The work on new Hunter starts

We have started to update the new boat. For the most part the boat is in great shape, and very much sail-able the way it is, but we want to make some changes that will better fit our needs. I was able to get the boat into the heated shop, with a extra inch or two to spare, after the boat was lowered off the trailer. Now we can work this winter and be ready to sail in the spring. We plan to clean up all of the wood on the boat with new varnish. I have started to fix some small repairs on the gel coat on the deck. I have already upgraded the battery to a new larger one, along with installing a new radio to play music. I installed a new electrical panel and replaced some of the wiring. Yesterday I built a new table that was missing from the boat. Half of it folds up on the wall when not in use, and made a table leaf that can be added to make it larger. I plan to bottom paint the boat even though we could get another season out of it. I am also going to re-rig the boat so all of the lines come back to the cockpit, so I am able to sail single-handed. I picked up new laminate for the top of the galley and found a replacement sink that is the same as the old one, and will fit in the existing cutout. The hardest part about buying the boat now, is having to wait till the ice is off to sail the new boat.

It fits wow!!!!

new table 

new table with leaf removed

 new table folded up
Not sure if we are going to rename the boat or not

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