Sunday, July 21, 2013

More Sailing

Donavan and I sailed both Saturday and Sunday last weekend, and yesterday as well, at our regular place the Windmill Marina in Afton on the St. Croix. Last weekend was especially good sailing weather--steady wind, not too hot. We frequently got up to 6-7 knots last Saturday. Sunday was a little slower, but not by much. Yesterday the wind dropped away on  a few occasions, so we didn't get as far, but it made for a very relaxing pace.

I noticed last weekend that I didn't get that panicky feeling in my stomach when we heeled over. I think I'm getting used to the feeling. I'm relieved that it's getting easier, because all of that adrenaline rush is exhausting.

Yesterday I taught Jane how to use a winch. I had her help me turn the winch after we tacked/came about, so that the jib was taut. She expressed some boredom yesterday, and so I think the more we involve her in the sailing part, the less bored she'll feel. And it's good to have a little swabbie on board who knows how to help.

Today it's raining and forecasts say thunderstorms. So Donavan's plan to go out sailing again with friends have been put on hold. Jane and I had plans to do laundry, see friends, and catch up on all the things that don't do themselves when we're on the sailboat. I love getting away on the sailboat, and how it forces us to just sit around together and enjoy the outdoors. We might run out of clean dishes and laundry in the process, but that's okay.

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