Sunday, September 22, 2013

Barker's Island

In mid-August we de-masted and de-rigged the Donovan Too, and trailered her to Superior, Wisconsin, where we spent the weekend sailing in the big blue Lake Superior, along with about 50 sailors from the Northern Lights Sailing Club. The weather was perfect--sunny, 75-80 degrees, wind was steady, around 10-15 knots. Being on the big open waters is a very different sailing experience than the small lakes. For one thing, not having land on the horizon takes perspective out of the equation. I was sure some of those huge freighters were tiny little boats off in the distance. It was great to stay on the same tack for 7-8 miles, heeled over up to 30 degrees. There's not an inclinometer on the boat, so Sunday afternoon when our friend Wilbur was at the helm, Donavan  downloaded an app for his phone, and found out that at about 30 degrees the rub rails are almost in the water.

It was great to meet new people from the club, and catch up with others who we had already had the opportunity to meet.

Most of the photos taken were at the marina, since we didn't really think about photos while we're sailing.

Relaxing at Barker's Island Marina

Lift bridge in Duluth

More relaxing at the marina

The sunsets were gorgeous

Jane had a fun weekend, too.

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