Sunday, September 22, 2013

Summer of Sailing

You know that Summer has ended when your facebook feed is plastered with photos like this:

That's a fake smile on Jane's face, she actually didn't want to go back to school. I'm just glad we could fit all of the required school supplies in her backpack and that she didn't tip over while carrying it. 

We've been spending every Saturday and Sunday this Summer on the boat that we could. Over Labor Day weekend, we went camping rather than sailing, but managed to bring the inflatable dinghy and get some time on the water.

The dinghy had to be driven to the lake at the campground, since Jane and I were too lazy
and uncoordinated to carry it the .2 mile.

The boat has logged over 30 days so far this Summer, with probably three weeks left of the sailing season. The boat has exceeded our expectations in many ways. It handles really well, and sails very smoothly. We've done a lot of improvements to the boat: roller furling, biminy, the grill, etc. and so far has been money well-spent. One of the things that we would like to have if we got a different boat, is a larger galley and an enclosed head (bathroom). On Saturday we stopped by Hooper's Yachts to have some fun looking at boats. One of the guys who works there explained "two-foot-itis," which is wanting a boat just a little bit bigger than you already have. He said it keeps them in business! After looking at quite a few boats in varying prices and sizes, we came to the conclusion that we really like our boat. Unless we win the lottery. Then all bets are off. For what we have invested in the boat, and the condition that it's in, we are very happy with it.

Even though this season isn't quite done, we are talking about the plans for next year. We hope to make some big water trips to the Apostle Islands or Lake of the Woods. We are planning to keep our boat at the park-and-launch at the Windmill Marina in Afton. The staff has been great throughout the Summer helping us in and out of the water. We also think that keeping our boat rigged and mast-up, has allowed us to spend the time sailing, rather than rigging, had we decided to trailer it.

The winter cover that was made by Ship Shape Canvas arrived this week, and so we test-fitted it this weekend, and it fits great. Today Donavan and I sailed in winds that averaged 15 knots. Donavan says: "Lori is far more comfortable on the boat. Even when the boat heeled over a couple of times, once getting the jib wet, the other dipping the toe rails under the water line, there was no panic. I'm happy that she's far more comfortable than she was at the beginning of the year."  For the record, I wouldn't call it "panic." It was more of a intense response to my stomach feeling like it was flipping over and exiting out of my mouth.

We will be sad to close up the boat, since our lives have revolved around sailing this Summer. Interests and hobbies often change over a lifetime, but I feel like this one will stick for a long time. We've met great people, seen beautiful scenery, and spent time with some of our favorite people. The boat, and sailing, has given us more than we anticipated.

In the next few weeks we're looking forward to watching the changing colors along the St. Croix Valley.

Donavan at the helm in early September.

It looks like there's a tiny sailboat that is headed straight for Donavan's head!

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  1. So cool you guys!
    Glad you have been able to get out so often...30 days in Mn. is nothing to sneeze at!