Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall update

The sailing season is almost done. I have not blogged as much as I would have like to, so here is an overview.   We sailed some in April and May in Afton.  In June we only made the trip to lake Pepin and back.  The rest of June and half of July we did not sail, mainly due to high water and high winds. Mid-July we took the boat to Lake Superior  for two weeks. When we returned home with the boat, we had it on lake Minnetonka for 5 weeks before trailering it back to Afton for the rest of the season. After spending some time sailing at Lake Minnetonka, we considered the pros and cons of keeping a boat at Lake Minnetonka next Summer, and recently decided to go for it. Next Summer we'll be on a mooring ball in Wayzata Bay, with the Wayzata Yacht Club . We will be racing, or trying to anyway.
I also spent three days sailing on Jeff Owens' boat on Lake Superior, a trip that included another boat, with a total of 6 sailors. I have been racing at Wayzata the whole Summer with maybe a few races yet this year. Most of this racing has been done with Wayzata Yacht Club members Fred and Nancy on their boat Stinger. I have been learning a lot from the racing.

We have been able to upgrade the main sail and get a new larger jib, and also rig the boat with a spinnaker. The spinnaker still needs some modifications in order to work right. The new jib is untested as of today, but hope to do so next weekend. Earlier this year we added an autopilot to the boat and a bigger solar panel.

We have not sailed as much as we would have liked, but have had lots of great days on the boat with friends and family. In the coming weeks we will close it back up for another winter.

Sailing on Jeff's boat on the big lake

Going fast on the trailer kinda
The weather is nice up here

using the crane for the first time

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