Monday, April 6, 2015

spring work begins

Safety first! Sanding is a very boring and hard job. That's the worst combination. Donavan did most of it.
Over the past few weeks and the next few weeks we will be getting the boat ready to go in the water. We hope to be in around the 18th of this month. The biggest project is stripping off all of the old bottom paint and changing to a different paint, which will be better for the boat since it will be sitting in the water all Summer. The new paint will also be smoother, making for faster racing. When done, there will be from 8 to 11 coats of  Primer, epoxy barrier coat and Vc17 bottom paint. This week is  going to be cold and wet but hope to have the bottom mostly done by the end of the week.  We used our MeetUp group to get help to take down the mast a week or so ago.
first day of sanding

the boat flying

the keel sanded to bare metal

new triducer port for temp speed and depth

primer going on the keel 

Tight squeeze to get those bolts out.

Guess who got to do the squeezing.

Since I was inside the belly of the boat, took some shots of the battery charger (right) and charge controller for the solar panels (left).


fixing chips

Who knew??!! A caulk that holds your life together! A small tube only costs $16.95, what a bargain.

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