Friday, May 8, 2015

ready to race ???

Over the past month or so we have been working on  the boat with 50 plus hours working on the bottom paint and some other smaller repairs. We got the boat in the water on the 17 of April and was the first boat on the mooring ball. Some boats were in their slips before that. With some help from others, we had our first sail on the 18th. Since then I have been doing both classroom and on-the-water training, with a couple more to go. Sunday will be my first race as skipper. It is just a tune up race, and Lori and Jane might join me.  Starting on Thursday I will crew again on the same boat that I raced on last year.

We are ordering shirts for us and some of our friends who plan on being our racing crew. We should have them by the first real race on May 17. The meet up group is working well so far. If we know you and are a friend of ours, and you would like to sail with us, please join, here is the link MN-Sailing-with-Friends . We are looking forward to the new sailing season.

One of the things I have finally got fixed was the syncing issue with the instruments. I was able to get the instruments to talk together and display the same information.  I have been working with Garmin all last year.  One of the solar panels quit last June. I found out that was still under warranty, and will have replacement next week. I worked on the outboard motor, and when I changed the water pump, discovered that 3 of the 6 blades had broken off. So after replacing the part, the engine works much better now. I forgot to fog the motor at the end of the season last year, so it was running a bit rough. I added new gas with seafoam, than ran it some, then let it sit for a hour, and that fixed the problem.

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